Creating conditions for elaboration of inventions



Both general and technical creativity cannot be taught for now. What we can do however, is to create conditions for the native cretivity to manifest. And as most do not know whether or not they can make original contributions in their field of activity, it will be necessary to try. In technical sciences field, one of the dedicated forms of manifesting the creativity is the inventive activity.

Of course, new technical solutions are constantly developed in economy, some of them more valuable, others that are nothing more than innovation. Some solutions represents world news and represent a progress compared with previous achievements; in this case they meet te conditions to be characterized as inventions. In order to ensure the recognition of merits and to ensure the the protection on an international level, it is necessary, in the case of valuable technical creations which meet the shown conditions of novelty and progress, to be administratively protected through the official document issued by Industrial Property Offices, namely Patent of Invention.

Many do not proceed with making of patenting forms, not knowing the administrative aspects of the problem. The newly found solution will have to be schematically represented, so that the principle solution to be obvious. They will not usually make sectional drawings of machine parts. 

Those necessary elements of the solutions that allow a specialised engineer to design and build the respective invention must be indicated. The design and execution stages are not necessarily to be done by the inventor. The description of the invention must clearly express the contribution that has been made, and make the solution intelligible for a specialist. Finally, it will be shown which part of the documentation is original, and for which the protection is claimed. This primary form of the documentation is enough to begin with. It will have to be finished according with regulations in force.

Regarding the level and complexity of the solution, we don’t have to make special problems; many connect the notion of invention with the great technical achievements of the ancestors. Inventions that make an epoch are very rare; and yet descriptions of hundreds of thousands of new inventions appear annually in the libraries of invention offices throughout the world.

New machines and devices, background improvements of the existing machines, all are potentially inventions. We have the chance of reinventing some things. That’s why consulting the vaste patent libraries existing in Industrial Property Offices is useful for researchers, economics specialists, students, etc. But how can we stimulate creation of inventions? How should we proceed to find patentable solutions? (The ansewer in a future post )


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