Methodically, inventing technical solutions – Enlightenment & Concretization



Prof. Dr. Constantin Țurcanu

Patent and Trademark Attorney

European Patent Attorney

Authorized industrial property assessor

1. Enlightenment
This is the moment of glimpsing the solution
. This usually occurs unespectedly: during using public transport, not when we are driving, during walking, during awakening, etc.
It is typical that it does not appear when we are siting down at the desk or drawing board and we propose to ourselves to solve the problem. In these conditions, the rational, the logical are working, and is difficult to think to a truly original solution, because as it was shown, the unconscious has a very important role. It is the moment of intuition – a fruit of subconscious. Intuition – a psychic phenomenon that we cannot control for now – give solutions even though it does not have all the necessary data, required by logical thinking.

In what matter can we unconsciously help enlightenment? This does not occur if we are in a state of pain, of marked physical fatigue, if it is noise, if we are often interrupted for various reasons, we have a nervous tension status due to familiar, professional reasons, etc. It is necessary to ensure ourselves this “intellectual comfort” from time to time.
Enlightenment is accompanied by a state of joy, of euphoria; fatigue and sadness dissaper; it is a state of positive tonus.

2. Concretization
The newly found solution have to be transposed in projects, recipes, methods, etc. so that it can be taken further and developed by a specialist in the field for checking and applying it in economy or in social life. It should be stated that the inventor establishes the basic solution, but dimensioning, the compliance with normative, with the legislation, etc. are specialist’s domains (builder, mechanic, chemist, etc.).

This stage also requires serious theoretical and practical specialty knowledges. Usually things are not that simple.

Once the solution is found, the researcher will have to proceed with checking; in this he can be helped by others, but leaving experiments to others, who cannot correctly assess the process’s particularities, can compromise everything. The solution is there, but the work is just beginning. After checking, it follows another stage usually difficult: supporting the solution in front of field’s specialists. The truly new solutions, as it has been shown, do not follow from rational logic, and such as, based on logic, they will be harshly criticized.

Only life can validate and support the new against what has been established in specialists’ thinking for many years. Numberless difficulties encountered by “new” are known from the history of technology.

The first invention’s realization, unfinished, is the EXPERIMENTAL MODEL. Trial with it always lead to improvements. The PROTOTYPE is then made. If it is a consumer product, it is experimented and then the 0 SERIES is made. This is also experimented and SERIES is reached.


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