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Prof. Dr. Constantin Țurcanu

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If the best solution has not been found, we will let our sub-conscious to work. We need not to pass to other issues; it is necessary that our mind to be constantly occupied with our subject.
The focus of excitation in brain must be maintained in the same area. This is where the ability to concentrate as a special researcher’s quality comes in. It must and can be trained.

Data stored in cortex form directed, logical connections as far as we are aware. During sleeping, these connections are also formed chaotically, giving unexpected and unpredictable combinations. When the latter are filtered by the conscious psyche, new viable solutions are chosen.

That’s why sleeping is recommended for knowledge’s settlement. But we will have to force the brain to unconsciously work in the area that interests us during sleeping; for this, as long as we are aware, we will have to maintain the focal point of cerebral excitation on the issue in question. Many times, during sleeping or upon waking the solution begins to show itself; it will be needed to be written down immediately, because waking events are forgotten. Many scholars had the habit of having a notebook on their bedside table.

During the gestation period of the ideas, outdoor walks, but alone and light physical efforts, but not intellectual efforts related with other problems are recommended.
The gestation period has very variable lengths: from days to years.

Small tricks helps us: thus, explaining the problem, of the already existing solutions together with their disadvantages to other people who are not specialists, force us to a restructuring in brain of the concepts with which we are thinking about the given issue, simplifying the phenomenon of it is more essential. And the discussion with colleagues can draw our attention to a direction that we have neglected. When we reach an impasse in our thinking, we do not press on.

We are going for a walk because there has been a brain blockage. In children, the phenomenon of keeping a wrong result in arithmetic is known, if the child has already pronounced it wrong twice ; after a break however, he will answer correctly.


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