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Originality appears when imagination is put into practice. It is a very important quality and it is usually nonlimited to professional field. For its development, it is possible to act somehow from the outside. The researcher, the student have to impose himself to be original in some professional aspects.

Asking the question “How could I do it otherwise, even if it is not better?”, is the first step of training. Finding original solutions, he will of course be tempted to do comparisons and to choose the most useful solution. The wish to be original at any cost, is a good school for the future creative person.
In fact, from our ideas, other than the ordinary ones, even full of errors, others, after us, can find new ways and effective solutions.

Typical for creative scientist in his field of activity, are the following two features: the enthusiasm and the originality. Other necessary features are the perseverance and intelligence, but these are not only typical to creation act.

Perseverance is a condition for completing the works. The way being new, with many obstacles, without landmarks, the weak persons are lost on the way. Inventors are recognized as “stubborn”. Those who did not have this constant feature of perseverance, were lost on the way, never reached the stage of inventor. As the appreciation of the team is not always favorable to the new, he can keep further the activity’s dynamic until completion, only persevering supported by he’s own confidence in work’s value.
Intelligence its necessary in any field of activity; for creation, of course, it is necessary more.

The IQ indexes are generally higher for scientist with achievements; this is globally available, for all intelligence factors; but each factor taken separately can be deficient.
In this regard, ordinary level memory is not an obstacle for great achievements. It is even stated that too much data is an obstacle in finding original solutions. Young minds also have this feature: they are less charged. Instead the other intelligence features, such as logic, the analytical character, the observational spirit, the power of concentration and abstraction are remarcable both to good researchers and talented inventors.

Others can see the same things, but “only trained minds”, as Pasteur said, notice the fundamentals.
A very helpful feature is human behavior. The relationships with those around are important; currently a scientific work can rarely be done individually. The state of tension is harmful for finding process and it affects work’s performance.

Courage in profession is helpful; if you evaluate all the obstacles that might appear, usually you let yourself to be a looser.
There would be two more creator’s features: shyness and sensitivity. It is known that the language develops the brain, develops intellect, the host of speech is in the left hemisphere, as well as convergent thinking. However, being prevented to expressing himself orally due to emotiveness, the shy person will carry out brain researches for optimal formulas.

Shyness determines a cortex systematic training, especially on the right hemisphere, that of divergent thinking; when he is expressing himself, the shy person usually has better solutions. Anyhow, it can be assumed that the talkers will give fewer truly new solutions. Affective experiences are important becouse the solution is prepared in subconscious. The sensitive persons probably have an increased number of neural connexions per time unit, both in wakefulness and during sleeping. That’s why they have increased chances in research activity.

The literature emphasis on the combinatorial associative quality, which is an extrapolations, generalizations, combinations source of a new assemblies of known elements but with superior functions. On this basis, deductive analitycal methodes were developed, like morphological matrices of ideas or generalized object of creation, which allow through a systematical approach of all possible variants, to make variations of different parameters, in order to achieve new solutions.

In the technical field, such “combinative” or “directed” inventions can thus be achieved, practically obtained with logical, convergent thinking, solutions that can sometimes compete with the original, unexpected solutions developed by divergent thinking. These are the perequisites to promote artificial intelligence.


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